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Remembering my friend Gary Moyers

Gary Moyers
Photo by Regina Rickert

Written by Keyli Chisesi

I’ve been trying to figure out how to start this post, and I’ve written and deleted this first sentence more times than I can count. Writing is not my strong suit, which is why my job is to take pictures. That is how I met Gary Moyers. Gary passed away Thursday, and we are all saddened with the loss.

I hadn’t known Gary since the ’90s; I wasn’t even born until 1995, which was a fact that was often the butt of his jokes. Our age difference led us to topics such as his wife, his daughter, and his grandchildren. It also led to a lot of life lessons because that was the thing about Gary, he was so full of life and so willing to spread it amongst the masses.

Over the last few years and countless games, I can’t pinpoint when exactly I met Gary. There is no defining moment for me because it feels like he was always there. Whether it was in person at games or when I was sitting at home on Friday night packing my camera bag for a football game when he would send me a screenshot of the weather and remind me to bring the appropriate clothes. Although he knew I would forget something anyway and end up asking him to borrow it.

That was another thing about Gary; he was always looking out for me and everyone. Shoot a rough game? Not according to Gary because even in all of the bad, he found the good. Thanks to him, I grew not only as a photographer but as a person, and I will be forever grateful. Grateful for those pre/post-game talks and silly jokes, the times he called to tell me how proud he was of me and for all of the pictures of me working. Gary captured memories for people they will cherish for a lifetime, just like I will cherish our friendship for mine.

The loss of Gary Moyers was unexpected and too soon. It was a gut punch that knocked the wind out of me, and it’s going to take me a little while to get back on my feet, but I’ll get there. I’ll get there because Gary taught me never to give up and that even though I might have had a bad game, the sun comes up again, and there is always another game to be played.

The last time we spoke, he told me that he owed me one for sending him a picture I took, but in reality, I owed Gary. I owed him more than just the slice of pizza we had agreed would be the photo payment. One day I will get a chance to repay him for everything he has done for me, and I look forward to it. Until then, though, I will sit here and miss Gary, and I will continue to live my life using the lessons he has taught me and spread love and joy the same way he would have.

One of the many photos Gary shot of me working

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