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Mark Stoops Says he is Prepared to Give Back to Kentucky

Mark Stoops
Keyli Chisesi | Go Big Blue Country

Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops is prepared to give back to the community of Lexington and the University of Kentucky, he said during a video press conference Friday morning.

If need be, the UK coach is prepared to essentially forfeit some of his salary due to the school’s financial budget taking a hit following the COVID-19 outbreak. Those discussions haven’t taken place at this time, but Stoops says he is always for giving back to Kentucky and helping his players.

“That hasn’t been talked about out loud but it certainly has crossed my mind,” said Stoops. “Absolutely, I’m prepared to give back.”


Ever since Stoops arrived at Kentucky in 2013, the UK coach and his family have been active in giving back to the community.

“Chantel (Stoops’ wife) and I have been active in this community for a long time and it’s really important for us to give back right now. It’s also important for us to give back to the university if need be. We haven’t talked about that, it’s probably too early for our administration to fully comprehend what will happen. They probably have a good idea what’s going to happen this year but moving forward, nobody really knows.

“Yes, I would be open to that personally, giving back and helping this university and making sure we have the ability to put the resources into our players which is most important to me, continuing to develop our players in all areas of their life.”

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