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John Calipari Talked about Trust and Coaching at Kentucky in his 70’s.


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John Calipari already loves his Kentucky team and he joined KSR on Wednesday to talk about it.


Calipari is spending more time with his team this summer and he’s doing it to make sure there’s trust.



“I’m spending more time this summer with this team,” said Calipari. “I want to make sure there’s trust.”


Calipari went on to add that the NBA trusts them and what they say about players from Kentucky. He added that this past season wasn’t a great year but four players were still drafted.


Calipari says that in order to build trust among the players, he has to be on campus. Before he heads out to recruit later today, he will practice with the team.



“I’m going to practice today before I travel for recruiting. When I get back I’m going to practice a couple more days and I’m spending the time.”


Calipari jokingly said that he doesn’t know if he can coach at Kentucky until he’s 75 or 76. He’s 59 right now and that would require a new contract.


“If I don’t have the energy to do it I shouldn’t be coaching here, but I’m good. Seventy-five or seventy-six, there will be a lot of games between then and now. I’m gonna have to go back for another contract if I’m going to coach that long.”



Even though he’s joking, Kentucky fans would love to have Calipari around for a long time.


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