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Calipari says no Kentucky players have tested positive for coronavirus

John Calipari met with the media Tuesday morning via a video conference to recap the season and discuss multiple topics.

The UK coach urged people to stay home during this unprecedented time in our world but to also help support local businesses if people can.

Calipari was asked about the health of his players and staff. He confirmed one UK player was tested for coronavirus when he returned home, but the player had the flu.


“First thing is, none of our players have tested positive,” Calipari said. “One of our players went home, had the flu, and they went ahead and had him tested. It was negative.”

The one thing Calipari told his players before they left campus was to stay clear of older family members because of the amount of travel the Wildcats had to different locations around the country.

“I told every player when they left, if you have older grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc., stay away. You were in Texas, Florida, Nashville, all within a period of time, traveling the way we travel. Touching people you don’t know. Do not go near them.”


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